We Build Inkjet Platforms For Functional Materials From Laboratory to Industrial Production

Notion Systems is a leading supplier of industrial inkjet printing systems for functional materials. As a subsidiary of LAB14, we are part of the RAG Foundation. Our n.jet inkjet platform is used to produce electronic displays, printed circuit boards, semiconductor components, as well as high precision optical 3D parts, covering the full range of solutions from lab to fab.

We rely on decades of expertise, bringing precise inkjet systems to clients and scaling up digital printing processes from laboratory to industrial production.

Notion Systems is based in Schwetzingen close to Heidelberg in Germany and works together with leading sales and service organizations worldwide with a focus on Asia, Europe, and North America.

The Future of Additive Manufacturing

With our industrial inkjet systems and process solutions, we supply key high-tech industries and support the world's leading manufacturers to produce their products in a more ecological and economical way.




Our DNA is Inkjet

Developing high-quality inkjet systems, custom software and stable inkjet processes is a complex assignment that requires advanced expertise in a range of technical areas.
Inkjet printing is our passion and we brought together a range of experts in the field of process development, software and engineering to develop tailor-made inkjet systems for functional materials with the highest standards.

We are growing

With Notion's growth, we need more space and moved to our new location at Werkstraße 2, 68723 Schwetzingen in June 2024.

By moving, we are underlining our values of innovation and expansion. We will offer you more options and better service on four times the space of a total of 3,600 m².

Our most important changes:

  • More space for ideas: In our new larger application laboratory, we can better realize your individual wishes and offer an even better service
  • Optimized work preparation: The warehouse and assembly hall offer our employees significantly more space to better organize machine parts.
  • Modern working environment: We benefit from an inspiring working atmosphere that promotes creativity and efficiency.
We are Part of the LAB14 Group

Lab14 provides advanced manufacturing solutions. They combine successful high-tech companies with complementary products and services for a wide range of applications that require demanding solutions for nano- and microfabrication and surface analysis.

Lab14 supports growth of each of its individual companies and at the same time fosters synergies between the companies to generate a competitive and technological advantage over other players in the field.

Lab14, a subsidiary of the RSBG SE, is wholly owned by the RAG foundation. The RAG foundation finances the perpetual obligations that the German hard coal mining industry has left behind and promotes projects in the areas of education, science and culture.

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