Notion Systems provides high performance ink solutions to the functional printing market

February 12, 2021 – Schwetzingen, Germany

As leading platform and solution provider in the functional printing market, Notion Systems now provides full process solutions for selected applications – including ink, pre- and post-processing parameters. The new full process solution platform is based on years of expertise in the most demanding inkjet functional printing applications.

Inkjet inks are complex, and industrial applications are driven by the functionality of the material, it’s jetting properties, as well as their fast, precise and reliable deposition. The right combination of material, equipment and processing parameters is the key to success. The first application where Notion provides such a full process solution is 3D printing of optically clear lenses. The material optics 01.0007 is proven to produce highly transparent optical lenses with a refractive index > 1.5.

Needless to say, Notion Systems’ n.jet platforms will stay open in terms of materials as well as printheads. As user of our 3D platform, you have and will retain access to all process parameters required to print the materials of your choice with the printheads of your choice. Thus, creating an open market for material suppliers and printhead manufacturers, alike. Notion’s full process solutions will not challenge, but supplement this open and competitive market. Providing the best performing materials together with our platforms provides further advantages to our existing clients and will be a head start in functional inkjet printing for our new partners.

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Notion Systems – The Future of Additive Manufacturing
Notion Systems is a leading supplier of industrial ink jet printing systems. The n.jet inkjet platform from Notion Systems is used to produce printed circuit boards, OLED & QLED displays, sensors and high-quality 3D parts. Notion Systems relies on decades of experience bringing precise inkjet systems to customers and scaling up digital printing processes for functional materials. Notion Systems is based in Schwetzingen close to Heidelberg - Germany and works together with leading sales and service organizations worldwide with focus on Asia, Europe and North America.

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