Leading PCB manufacturer Würth Elektronik chooses Notion System’s n.jet solder mask high performance inkjet printer

n.jet solder mask

Schwetzingen, August 2017.

Printed Circuit Board manufacturer Würth Elektronik has ordered the high performance digital inkjet printer n.jet solder mask as an alternative solution for the solder mask application onto printed circuit boards.

“The optimization of our production processes regarding efficiency, cost and industry 4.0 capabilities is one of our main targets. Inkjet printing represents a breakthrough technology for the solder mask application in this direction. That is why we decided to put our best effort into promoting this technology.", says Dr. Lothar Weitzel, Technical Manager at Würth Elektronik.

Solder mask is the – often green – top layer of a printed circuit board. The n.jet solder mask inkjet printer from Notion Systems applies this layer at very high precision with industry leading throughput and robustness.

“We are very pleased that Würth Elektronik has singled out Notion Systems n.jet solder mask as the top performing inkjet platform for the solder mask process”, says Carsten Schimansky, CEO of Notion Systems.

The n.jet solder mask printer is available in a variety of configurations from entry level up to high productivity systems including automated substrate handling. “With our experience in building automated 24/7 production inkjet systems, our customers can choose from several cost efficient automation solutions that were designed to fit the n.jet solder mask printers.”, says Michael Doran, CEO of Notion Systems.



Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology was founded in 1971 and has established itself as one of the leading PCB manufacturers in Europe. Developers are able get standard circuit boards, new and innovative technologies and even complete system solutions all from one source. Here at Würth Elektronik, we cover the entire product life cycle, from the initial idea for a design, for example during early R&D projects, to the production of prototypes on the online shop WEdirekt and finally, manufacturing of medium and large volumes in Germany or Asia. Knowledgeable specialists are not just located at our German plants. Internationalization is an important strategic aspect for Würth Elektronik. We have numerous sales teams set up across many European countries.

Every day more than 120 new PCB designs enter our production. We have over 4,000 customers, ranging from large corporations to one-man designers. In addition to the personal care provided through our dense network of over 100 internal and external sales people, customers also have the option to purchase printed circuit boards online through the easy to use online shop, WEdirekt.

For more information, visit www.we-online.com/pcb



Notion System develops and provides modular inkjet platforms for industrial manufacturing
processes. The applications that have been implemented since the foundation of the company
in 2012 range from highly precise 3D printing of optical components and conformable
coating processes to highly precise dosage and industrial-scale applications of active sensor,
semiconductor and biological materials. Notion Systems relies on the decades of experience
of their staff, which they have gained in the development and manufacturing of precise inkjet
systems and in scaling up digital printing processes for functional materials.

Dr. Michael Doran/CEO
Tel.:   +49 6202 57877 88
Fax:   +49 6202 57877 99
E-mail: michael.doran@notion-systems.com

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