Notion Systems ships its latest high performance n.jet 3D printer

Notion Systems ships its latest high performance n.jet 3D printer, which will print parts of outstanding detail and quality. The printer will be used in the production of complex but varied individual components.

The open material concept of n.jet 3D printers allows the customer to work together with specialized ink companies to go far beyond the current state of the art in 3D inkjet printing and determine their own consumable costs.  Like all n.jet 3D printers, it can be configured to utilize high laydown print head technology such as that from XAAR to achieve unmatched build speeds.


Notion System is the future of mass production additive manufacturing. The n.jet inkjet platform from Notion Systems is used by customers to produce printed circuit boards, OLED & QLED displays, sensors and high quality 3D parts. Notion Systems relies on decades of experience of their staff in bringing precise inkjet systems to customers and scaling up digital printing processes for functional material.

Dr. Michael Doran/CEO
Tel.:   +49 6202 57877 88
Fax:   +49 6202 57877 99


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