n.jet display RGB/TFE

The n.jet display series for RGB and TFE printing can be used as a stand-alone system for R&D purposes or as a fully integrated production cluster, including automation and pre- and post-treatment.

Most of the current OLED display are made by evaporation gases in a vacuum chamber; they are working with masking technologies and are consuming a lot of OLED materials which are very expensive. Since the development of the n.jet series OLED can be made by ink-jet printing, which is a direct print, mask free, fast and cost-effective process.

The n.jet display series prints functional layers in various steps of display production, and for various display technologies. This includes rigid, flexible, OLED and OLED.

In addition to its unparalleled precision, the platform complies with highest demands on process environment and process stability. Specifically developed features, like the no.mura printing technology solve long-standing challenges of the industry and enable an efficient, additive use of the valuable materials involved in manufacturing of next generation displays.