n.jet 3D

Use our n.jet 3D for the production of your 3D printed elements.

The n.jet 3D open material inkjet printers offer fine tuned processes for outstanding 3D printed parts at lower cost. Being open to 3rd party ink manufacturers means that the customer chooses what ink is best and most cost efficient. It has a customizable print head and UV curing layout and an optional drop watch unit. The printer also supports Xaar, Konica-Minolta, FujiFilm and Ricoh print heads.

Customized processes
We offer a customized process for outstanding 3D printed parts, which includes custom type and number of print heads and UV-pinning and curing lamps that best match material. The n.jet 3D printer supports print heads from Xaar, Konica-Minolta, FujiFilm and Ricoh.

High precision & high performance
The high precision n.jet platform yields 3D parts with best quality, while a large number of print heads lead for short 3D build times.

Open Material
You have a free choice of material, such as UV-curable or hotmelt. The free choice of ink supplier drives down the cost and gives a much greater choice for enhanced material functionality.

High laydown
The n.jet 3D printer is prepared for XAAR's high laydown 3D printing.

Optionally, the printer comes with a real time drop watch system to measure drop charecteristics such as drop volume, speed etc.