n.jet lab

The n.jet lab is a lab inkjet printer that can be customized to your specific application with unmatched flexibility and precision. The manually loadable system is available for small and medium size substrates and is configurable with different types of industrial printheads, various tank systems and UV or infrared drying options.

The n.jet lab platform - Advantages

  • Open platform that provides access to all process parameters
  • Smooth scalpe-up from R&D to 24/7 industrial production
  • Versatile applications with printheads from all major manufacturers
  • Multiple configuration with heads and inks from different suppliers possible
  • Up to four different active printheads per configuration
  • High precision mechanical design with self calibration including nozzle calibration and nozzle replacement strategies
  • Clearly structured graphical user interface


  • Built in UV pinning
  • Built in NIR sintering
  • Adjustable head angle
  • Rotation stage
  • Print stage temperature control 0-60° C
  • Automation
  • Environmental control (temperature and humidity)

The n.jet drop watch

The n.jet drop watch is very compact and highly integrated measurement system under real production environment. The measurements of droplets under different process conditions helps to optimize the inkjet process, the fluid formulation and the overall system performance.