n.jet semicon lab coater

for photoresist / adhesive coating

The n.jet semicon lab coater is a new process tool for typical wet coating applications of wafers and other substrates. The newly designed printing system provides excellent coating uniformity and repeatability for up to 200 mm wafers or up to 6”x 6” substrates. The system is suitable for process development and small-scale production.
The stand-alone cabinet of the n.jet semicon basic has been specifically designed for easy operation and maintenance. The process area is easy to clean and is resistant to typical cleaning solvents. This system is mainly used in industries such as semiconductors, optics and precision parts.


  • Round wafer up to 200 mm (8 inch)
  • Square substrates up to 150 x 150 mm (6 x 6 inch)
  • Controller unit via touch screen
  • Fast coating of different materials
  • Selective coating, print where requrired
  • Very thin material coating in combination with spin coating < 100 nm
  • Solvent based as well as solvent free materials
  • No necessity for edge bead removal (EBR) due to digitally optimized
  • Wet in wet processing (material mixing)
  • Designed for edge coating on wafers and substrate
  • Designed for R&D institutes or laboratory operations


  • Various chuck designs
  • Heatable chuck up to 60°C
  • Refill station