n.jet semicon

Main features:

  • High precision inkjet printing
  • Drop placement accuracy of better than 5 micron
  • High uniformity
  • Up to 8 different fluids in one print
  • Supports printheads from all major manufacturers

Usability & Maintenance

The n.jet semicon platform features solutions for a large variety of applications. Our print strategies increase platform usability and process yield by minimizing the need for manual intervention or manual mechanical alignment of the printheads. Our field proven advanced printhead maintenance system increases platform uptime. No direct contact to the printhead nozzle plate results in higher jetting stability and longer printhead lifetime. Our automated nozzle calibration and advanced nozzle replacement strategies provide you with full process control and reliable results.

Automation & Process Integration

The n.jet semicon platform comes with optional wafer handling for various substrate sizes and can be equipped with further pre- and post-processing stations to provide a fully integrated solution to your process requirements:

  • Robot handling from / to cassettes incl. wafer mapping & prealignment
  • Plasma cleaning, hotplates, UV curing and more

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