n.jet solder mask

Apply solder resist digitally with our n.jet solder mask Inkjet printer. Developed for production, robust and with best performance. Optional with integrated automatic substrate loading and unloading.

Benefit from the numerous advantages of the n.jet solder mask:

  • Less process steps: removes pre-dry, photo-tool / exposure, development & strip stages
  • Less operators
  • Less floor space

Adjustable reflectivity level via the user interface

  • High speed:38 seconds per side (610x460mm)
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Print where required
  • Coats only where needed – zero waste
  • Panels are held in place by a vacuum stage: higher print accuracy
  • Standard panel sizes up to 610x762mm (24x30”). Larger sizes available on request
  • Digitally adapts to distortion of each panel
  • Manual or robotic load/unload, direct from belt or cassette. Robotic flip is also an option

High precision & high performance

  • No mask in holes
  • No mask on pads
  • No satellites/ D-o-T

Significantly lesser process steps than with standard technologies

  • Better SM adhesion: dams are dome-shaped and wider at the bottom compared to the top 
  • Controlled thickness: can be adapted locally on each panel. Tracks up to 30µ can be coated in a single pass
  • Repeatability

Integrated automatic printhead cleaning and capping

  • Small reliable dams: minimum 40µ
  • Adjustable resolution