n.jet soldermask

n.jet soldermask

Apply solder resist digitally with our n.jet solder mask Inkjet printer. Developed for production, robust and with best performance. Optional with integrated automatic substrate loading and unloading.

Main Features:

  • Manual or fully automated load / unload
  • Use of industrial avaiable print heads
  • Pantented vacuum stage without mechanical clamps
  • Integrated non-contact cleaning system
  • Highest precision and reliability
  • Self maintenance
  • Easy to operate

Specific advantages:

  • Better solder mask adhesion
  • No mask in holes
  • No mask on pads
  • High repeatability
  • Small and reliable dams
  • Adjustable thickness
  • Naturally delivers „bump profile“ of dams
  • No traps for chemicals or dirt
  • Wider base of dams means better adhesion