We Print Solar Applications with Inkjet

Inkjet-printed solar cells offer several advantages over traditional manufacturing techniques. The precise control of ink droplets allows for the optimization of material usage and reduces waste. Moreover, the scalability and cost-effectiveness of inkjet printing make it an attractive option for large-scale production, enabling the widespread adoption of solar energy.

Crystalline Solar

The need for cost-effective and sustainable energy sources results in a race to increase production, as well as cell efficiencies at the lowest possible cost. In particular in the introduction of new or improved cell-concepts, additive technologies and in particular, inkjet plays a major role.


Automation from box or carrier

Individual process unit design

Manual or fully automated printhead cleaning

Process stage for different substrate sizes

Thin Film Solar

As cSi solar, thinfilm technology is driven by the need to introduce new processes increasing module output at ever lower cost per Watt peak. Inkjet printing iis the perfect technology to apply structured functional layers at low cost with optimal control of local and global layer properties.


Transfer automation

Integration of multiple printheads

Infeed & outfeed module

Inline cleaning station

Further industrial solutions