Platform Engineering

Notion Systems has developed a modular and open inkjet platform, which can be adapted to end user requirements in almost any respect. Our inkjet solution portfolio sets international standards in terms of efficiency increase while reducing production costs.

Stage platform

Gantry platform

Roll2Roll platform


Pre & Post Treatment

Open Platform
Our modular n.jet platform can be adapted to any production layout
Modular Engineering Options

Without compromising process stabiliy or precision, our n.jet platform can be adapted to suit your needs including printhead assemblies in any configuration for almost any industrial printhead, stage sizes up to Gen 6, stage temperature control, hardware & software modules for drop formation analysis, optical alignment, automatic platform calibration, AOI  modules as well as various stages of process environment control.

Process Unit
        • Printheads
          • From all mayor suppliers
        • Tank systems
          • Variable volumes
          • Heatable
          • Non/recirculating
        • Chuck rotation
        • Temp. control
        • Lift units
        • Vacuum zones
        • Chuck design
        • Sheet to sheet
        • Roll-to-Roll
        • Different kind of substrates, as:
          • Glass panels
          • PCBs
          • Wafers
Process Environment
        • Top down flow
        • Laminar flow
        • Temperature & Humidity control
        • N2 glovebox

Notion is ISO 9001:2015 certified