n.jet EHD powered by Scrona

Scrona develops multi-nozzle MEMS printheads with ultra-high printing resolution capabilities better than 1 µm. This R&D tool is addressed to advanced development labs in various fields of micro-fabrication and digital additive manufacturing.

Advantages of high resolution EHD printing

Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) printing is a new high resolution printing technology enabling maskless, direct-write, 3D, non-contact, conformal and additive patterning at the nanoscale with a variety of ink systems and materials.

The printing resolution exceeds conventional ink-jetting by two to three orders of magnitude, paving the way of additive printing into applications dominated by photolithographic microfabrication, and enabling completely new devices consisting of nanoscale building blocks.

The EHD printing is used to replace established subtractive process sequences and reduces waste, energy consumption and makes electronics production more ecological and more economical at the same time.

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