New Opportunities for NIL with Inkjet

Notion Systems and EV Group (EVG) announced an agreement in April 2023 to develop the first fully integrated and automated nanoimprint lithography (NIL) with inkjet coating capabilities. Under the joint agreement, the two companies will develop a custom inkjet module that will be integrated into EVG‘s industry-leading HERCULES® NIL platform and based on EVG‘s SmartNIL® technology.

The new inkjet module from Notion Systems will complement EVG‘s existing spin-coating modules and will be offered as an alternative option for applying NIL photoresists to  substrates for high-volume manufacturing (HVM) applications for NIL that have special requirements for layer deposition and uniformity. To help customers get started with their R&D activities, Notion System has developed an n.jet lab NIL system that allows potential customers to use the system as a stand-alone system. The prerequisite is that potential customers already use NIL systems from EVG and use the processes and inks developed by EVG.
In addtion to the fully integrated inkjet module, Notion Systems offers a stand-alone system called n.jet lab nil for customers interested in process development or small-scale production.


SmartNIL® / Lens Molding
Nanostructured surfaces with highest resolution into UV-curing resins

Advantages of Inkjet Printing for NIL

Selective Area Printing

Layer Thickness Fine Tuning for Uniform RLT

Multi Pass Printing

Fill Factor Adjusted Volume Dispensing

Reduced Material Consumption Compared to Spin Coating

Panel Coating

Further industrial solutions