We Print Soldermasks with Inkjet

Replacing the current subtractive process chains with additive process steps in the production of electronics, has been one of the founding ideas of Notion Systems. It increases production efficiency and reduces waste. On top of this, the n.jet electronics series increase process stability and enables new features not found in today’s electronics production. This pushes the limits of current production technology for rigid and flexible circuitry on most substrate material.

Typical process steps in electronics production
  • Digital printing of solder mask & legend
  • Manual or fully automated load / unload
  • Use of industrial available printheads
  • Patented vacuum stage without mechanical clamps
  • Integrated non-contact cleaning system
  • Highest precision and reliability
  • Self maintenance
  • Easy to operate
  • Automated nozzle calibration
  • Optical alignment & calibration
  • Fully integrated UV curing system

Industrial Printhead

UV Curing

Non-contact Cleaning System

Vacuum stage

Hardware options

Up to 9 soldermask printheads

Up to 2 legend printheads

External refill station


Software options
  • Serialization codes

  • 2D Matrix codes

CAM Station

Legendsm printing with solder mask ink

MES integration

Automation (optional)

The entire soldermask cluster can be fully automated from pretreatment to inkjet printing and final cure. The fully automated set up helps to improve efficiency, consistency, quality, and cost savings, making it an important component of modern PCB manufacturing. The n.jet soldermask can be connected with any Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to streamline and manage the entire manufacturing process.

The n.jet soldermask system can be directly connected to the pre-treatment line and handles the board with special designed vacuum grippers softly through the entire printing process.

The gripper can be adjusted to different substrate sizes.

The 2D code reader scans the code on the pcb and enables the automatic loading of the correct printing program.

Further industrial solutions