The n.jet platform - Modular Engineering

Notion has developed a modular inkjet platform, which can be adapted to end user requirements in almost any respect. Without compromising process stability or precision, printhead assemblies in any configuration for almost any industrial printhead, stage sizes up to Gen 4.5, stage temperature control, hardware & software modules for drop formation analysis, optical alignment, automatic platform calibration, AOI modules as well as various stages of process environment control are readily available.

Platform features:

  • High accuracy vacuum print stage
  • Optical alignment & calibration
  • State of the art printheads
  • Ink supplies for small and large ink volumes
  • Tight meniscus vacuum control
  • Automated, non-contact printhead cleaning
  • Integrated printhead capping
  • Fully integrated drop watch system
  • Highly accurate post processing optionsOptional Automation