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To round off our global offering of high performance inkjet printing systems and having world leading inkjet expertise, Notion Systems offers professional, reliable and a comprehensive service program.

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Service makes the difference

An inkjet printing system is not just about the device, the ink and the printing process. In addition to the outstanding technical features of the printing systems, Notion‘s after sales service ensures maximum availability, the highest performance and the best print quality of your system and therefore the satisfaction of your customers. It is our mission to have a genuine partnership with our customers and to support achieving our customers goal for every step along the way.

Discover the diverse possibilities of our service product portfolio on the following pages and put together your own individual service package.

Installation & Start Up

During the installation and start up of your inkjet system, we begin by setting up and aligning your machine. This is followed by an initial powering on off the machine, resetting the axis and performing a thorough functional check including the Z-height and nozzle calibration.

Your Benefits
  • High availability of production assets
  • Best possible safety
  • Fast handover to production
  • Smooth start of production
  • Target-oriented involvement of your staff in maintenance
Spare Part Support

We support you with identification and organization of delivery from the Notion warehouse including customs clearance. Notion offers different spare part support packages depending on your budget and uptime requirements.

We offer our customers to have their defective parts cleaned and repaired by our specialsts after which they will be fully tested and returned.

Your Benefits
  • Safety & maximum system availability
  • Long-term availability of parts for fast delivery
  • Value retention of the system through extended service life, continuous operation and high system availability
  • One-stop supplier of spare parts
  • Excellent technical support from experienced service experts
  • High availability of our original spare parts from stock
Hotline & Remote Support

We provide telephone and remote support for rapid troubleshooting in the event of a malfunction. We also provide access to our expert support team (e.g. process development, system development, software) as needed.

We assist in root cause analysis and resolution. This is done by meticulously tracking issues in our ticketing system and offering customized
system parameterization and continuous software updates. With remote access to your machine data, we guarantee fast troubleshooting.

Your Benefits
  • Direct knowledge transfer
  • Improved economics by minimized downtime
  • Cost efficient solution – no travel cost
  • Notion can fix >90% of all reported issues remotely
On-Site Support
  • Inspection: Checking functionaly of all mechnical and electrical components
  • Maintenance: Replacement of defective components based on the inspection results
  • Support for process development and introduction of QA methods
  • Adaptation, optimization and verification of printing strategies
  • Planning and implementation of machine relocations
  • Organization of packaging, logistics, lifting equipment, etc.
Your Benefits
  • Increased OEE by avoiding unplanned downtimes / High system availability
  • Extended Lifetime of your system
  • Identification of further optimization potential
  • Highest possible certainty for quick and flawless restart of operations at new site

You have invested a lot of money in your system and want to get the best out of it over a long period of time. An upgrade from Notion brings your printing system up to the latest technological standards. A customized upgrade makes your systems fit for the future.

Your Benefits
  • Increased OEE due to reduced downtimes or faster cycle times
  • Reduced maintenance effort
  • Reduced labor for operation
  • Increased safety
  • Extended lifetime of production assets remotely

You will learn how to create and adjust print jobs, adjust print head settings for the specific ink, and how to clean the print heads.

You will learn to read and interpret basic error messages, how to avoid, and how to fix them.

You will get an overview of the printing process and learn basics of the printing strategy.

The training consists of theoretical and practicle modules which can either be adapted to customer specific needs or offered as standard packages. After completing the training your uses will receive certificates aswell as further technical documentation.

You can decide wether the training should take place at your premises or at Notion plant - on-site or remotely.

Your Benefits
  • Safe operation of Notion Systems solutions
  • Efficient operation by reducing idle and downtimes
  • Efficient maintenance to reduce downtime
  • Longer service life of equipment
  • Shorter time to market for new products
  • Higher OEE through higher yield / better product quality / increased uptime
Notion Care Program

The Notion Care Program is a win-win situation:
You can rest assured that your system will work reliably - without having to worry about regular service appointments. Depending on your personal requirements, you can adapt your individual service concept and add optional components such as service priority, guaranteed response times or training for your employees: The well thought-out design of the Notion Care Program offers you a suitable service package, according to your budget and requirements.

Your Benefits
  • Direct knowledge transfer from the manufacturer to the user with the most modern tools
  • Improved economics and best possible operation of the systems through central support
  • Increased operational safety and system availability through preventive inspections and maintenance
  • Risk minimization and financial planning security