n.jet optics

Main Features:

  • Multi material jetting
  • High viscosity jetting
  • Supports all major printheads
  • Drop watch & drop formation analysis
  • Full access to all jetting parameters
  • Open slicer interface
  • Optional inert atmosphere

Customized processes

  • Customized process for outstanding 3D printed parts
  • Custom type and number of print heads
  • UV-pinning and curing lamps that best match material
  • Supports Xaar, Konica-Minolta, FujiFilm and Ricoh print heads
  • Process scale-up support from experienced Notion process engineers

Example optical lenses

The production of optical lenses with an n.jet 3D system is much more cost-effective than the production of lenses in conventional manufacturing processes. The additive manufacturing process saves more than 30 production steps and reduces scrap by up to 90%.

Open platform – open collaboration network

Our collaboration with leading printhead manufacturers and material providers conti-nuously extends the process range of inkjet in 3D printing. Jetting materials that never have been jetted before are used to print parts with final part properties that set new standards in material jetting. Become a part of our open network to realize your 3D printing applica-tion.

Success story – Xaar high laydown & BASF

Xaar‘s high laydown jetting allows to print materials at viscosities 5 times higher than the formerly generally accepted limit for inkjet printing. BASF uses this extended process window to develop new jetting materials that improve final part properties. Both partners are stretching the limits of 3D inkjet printing of precision parts on Notion‘s n.jet 3D platform.